How to Find an Acupuncturist

Are you curious about acupuncture and cupping but aren’t sure how to find an acupuncturist or know exactly why you’d go?

No two acupuncturists are the same. It’s important to find someone who will be a good fit for you. Keep in mind, this is a relationship that will be built on trust and respect. Remember, you’re looking to heal in some way.

Get a recommendation from a trusted source or search online. Your health insurance may cover acupuncture (which is awesome) and they’ll have a list of practitioners who accept your insurance. Some acupuncturists may not accept insurance, but can provide you with a bill to submit to your insurance company.

Do you know your goals for treatment and what you’re seeking? No worries if you aren’t exactly sure, and you just want to try. Call and speak with a few acupuncturists. Make an appointment with the one with whom you are most comfortable. He or she will do an intake on your first visit, look at your tongue (which is essentially a treasure map of all that is going on internally) and take your pulse. Trust, they know wtf is going on and will be able to discuss treatment with you.

Think you’ll try acupuncture?

Also, you’re most welcome for the photo of me on a table wearing a clinical gown.

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