Chocolate Avocado Mousse Fruit Tart

My brother, sister in law and niece were coming over for dinner and I wanted to make a dessert that would be a crowd pleaser and had no refined sugar. Enter this beautiful marriage of my chocolate avocado mousse with this gluten free crust, courtesy of @bakerita. This is my go to crust recipe. It’s…

Maca Coconut Whipped Cream

Raise your hand if you’ve taken a hit of whipped cream straight from the can? I love whipped cream in all it’s airy delight.  Straight from the can, in coffee, on fruit salad, it’s a versatile treat.  I don’t do a ton of dairy or sugar, so what’s a girl to do?   She makes her own…

Watermelon Fruit Cake

This is anything but the fruit cake that we all detest around the holidays. To commemorate my 44th trip around the sun (and I’m off the sugar-other than natural), I crafted a birthday cake entirely out of fruit with a hint of mint🌱 🍉 watermelon 🍈 cantaloupe🍓 strawberries 💙blueberries


Ever wondered why dessert comes at the end of the meal? It’s been a bit since I’ve done any recipe testing. T’was needed. I was thinking about making a less bad for you version of chocolate chip cookies, which got me thinking about dessert, it’s origin & why many of us crave sweets after eating….