“Shana was such a natural partner to work with as I evaluated the next steps in my career. She was very perceptive and able to quickly make sense of what otherwise felt like a complicated career narrative. She helped me think more clearly about my past and understand the best way to position that for my future search. Shana was also very encouraging and helped to build my confidence by helping me understand the value of my experience thus far and holding me accountable to the goals and objectives I had set out. I also really appreciated her diverse background. She has worked in a number of roles across different industries and was able to speak from personal experience to many of the questions and concerns I had about how to approach the future. Shana is smart, thoughtful, caring and an excellent coach!”

–Cliff C., New York, NY

“I reached out to Shana after experiencing a Eczema flare up on my hands. I have seen multiple doctors and dermatologists about this in the past, but no one has really been able to help me.
I was curious to try out an alternative approach and started an elimination diet with Shana’s help. No alcohol, dairy, gluten, sugar, or night shades for 3 weeks.
Within one week my eczema healed and I haven’t had another outbreak since (it’s been almost 2 months!).
Aside from my skin healing, the elimination diet helped me understand exactly what foods to avoid – I have more energy, better sleep, and less bloating than I’ve had in years! So grateful for Shana’s guidance!”

–Carla B., Lisbon, Portugal

“Shana is a fantastic person and coach. She’s extremely easy to talk to, listens to what you have to say, and never shies away from honest feedback and direction. When I need clear-headed guidance on how to approach a problem at work, or in life, Shana is the first person to whom I reach out. “

–Sean J., San Francisco, CA

“Shana is amazing. I don’t use that word very often or loosely, either. She is amazing because she has a gift that immediately picks up on your “uniqueness” – in other words, what makes you, YOU. As I grow and evolve as a human, I always like to get my Resume revised to reflect changes in how I perceive my strengths to be with the experience gained. I needed someone, not just anyone, someone who could guide my thought process as to how to reflect all of the experience and knowledge gained globally, on paper. It is not easy.

I worked with Shana to “tell my story” – she pieced it all together in ways I could not have imagined to have done it myself. More importantly, she is not your standard Resume writer. She has worked at tech companies, understanding unique dynamics, without having to explain at length. She listens to your story intently, even articulates the messaging behind the reasons for job changes, and then works on “telling your story” in a Resume styled-way. You leave any conversation with Shana, appreciating yourself a lot more.  She is funny, emotionally intelligent, and just “gets it”.

–Samantha F., Oakland, CA

“My professional life took a turn when I was laid off from my position, due to the world wide pandemic COVID-19. Confused, unsettled and clueless of how to find a job that I would feel passionate about I jumped on a call with Shana. During the call, Shana put things into new perspective, showed how I needed to phrase things and what I could do next to find the job I desired. A few weeks later, I landed a new role, one that I had been dreaming to land for months even in my old position.”

–Natty B., Finland

“Resumes are tough, and prior to Shana working with me on mine, I was having trouble properly articulating my work experience in a clear and professional manner. Because I was switching career paths (from fashion to interior design), Shana recognized the importance in describing my experience in way that more specifically applied to the new career path / job I was applying for. She was able to transform my resume by highlighting + clearly articulating the experience necessary, and shedding the experience that was unnecessary. Highly recommend Shana!!!”

–Katelynn B., Los Angeles, CA

“When I began my journey with Shana, I was overwhelmed and felt lost in a lot of aspects of my life. I didn’t have a clear direction in my career and had lost confidence in myself. With my heightened anxiety, I was unable to sift through my thoughts and identify my goals. Shana was able to help me identify what had caused my anxiety and how it immobilized my potential. Through self-discovery, Shana gave me the tools to overcome my anxiety. I learned to be vulnerable and authentic. As a result, I was able to regain my confidence and had a renewed sense of self. That newly gained confidence allowed me to take stock of my skills and gave me better clarity on setting my goals. Shana has an amazing ability to draw out the best in her clients. Shana’s multi-faceted skills offer a comprehensive holistic approach to career, wellness, and self-discovery. In the beginning, I thought all I would get was a fabulous resume. I gained so much more. Shana truly transformed my life in just a short few weeks. At the end of my sessions with Shana, I am more grounded and have a clear direction of where I want to go with my career and my life. Shana has helped me change my mindset to a growth mindset which has enabled me to propel further into a brighter future.”

–Jasmin D., Rocklin, CA

“Shana has been incredible at helping me get me resume updated. She was able to easily identify the most impactful information from what I provided, and made sure that my resume really highlighted what I had accomplished, and how I had done so. Having someone look at info you have gone over and over with fresh eyes, and with the perspective of an industry expert, has been invaluable.”

–Emily F., Los Angeles, CA

“Being a new vegan and passionate about making the transition to an all plant-based diet I relied on Shana to help guide me to make the right food choices so I could feel confident that I am getting complete and balanced nutrition.

I love eating and this new vegan diet had to do more than just be nutritionally sound- it had to look & taste fantastic, too. It also had to economical. All of this Shana took into consideration as she patiently guided me on my journey. She not only escorted me grocery shopping several times in order to find the highest quality items at the best prices, she taught me knife skills and how to pair various different flavors, colors and spices to create masterpieces in the kitchen.

Shana also educated me about really interesting aspects of eating and health, such as the Doctrine of Signature that made intuitive sense immediately and also expanded my personal knowledge of how what I eat effects different areas of the body.

I literally can’t wait for my next session with Shana. Her instagram @msshanarobinson is a verifiable rainbow of deliciousness and food as art. Let Shana expand your gastronomical horizons- you will be forever elevated in what you experience, eat, and learn.”

—Ellyn W., Los Angeles, CA

“The holistic lens Shana shines on the interconnectedness of health, wellness and the body and her ability to share and educate in an easy to understand manner is so refreshing and motivating. She recently guided me through a fast which helped to reset my system and bring a great deal more mental clarity and focus to my work and life in general. I felt supported and inspired at every turn. I can’t recommend Shana enough, her overall approach and her wealth of knowledge, coupled with her direct and witty delivery truly make working with her a delight. If you’re looking for someone to help get you back on track to living a life full of vibrancy and clarity, you need Shana in your life!”

—Jami D., San Jose, CA

“I look to Shana with great awe, and see her as nothing short of a being a miracle worker.  Following an expected corporate bankruptcy filing which led to my immediate separation from said employer, Shana was there to help me navigate through a challenging time.  She assisted me through the complete revamping of my resume and LinkedIn page, so that they told a story that would be intriguing to potential new employers.  Shana also provided me with interview coaching, helped me to realize the types of work environments that would allow for my greatest success, and her encouragement even facilitated the very necessary boosting of my confidence.  All that there is left for me to say is, ‘thank you, Shana.'”

—Amanda B., Los Angeles, CA

“I had the honor and privilege of working with Shana to help me navigate through a time in my life where I was feeling lost in my career and couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do. While working with Shana, she was able to help me discover what I loved to do, not just what I was good at.  From there, Shana revamped my resume and LinkedIn profile to really showcase my passion for Learning and Development. I was able to get back into the job search feeling confident again. Shana is delightful, energizing, motivating and super inspiring.  After each session with her, I was able to create new possibilities for myself that I never thought possible. Thank you, Shana!”

—Aleli A., Bay Area, CA

“I was looking for my next move forever. I was getting nowhere fast. My phone barely rang, and when it did it was for the completely wrong thing. I contacted Shana who whipped my resume into shape and helped tailor my LinkedIn profile. Literally within days my phone was ringing several times per day and I was able to pick the right thing for me!”

—Josh R., Sacramento, CA