Traditional Chinese Medicine Body Clock

Anyone know what time it is? 2020 has rendered time nearly irrelevant. What if I told you, time does have meaning & can be used as a diagnostic tool to guide you to sort out imbalances & stagnation? 

Enter the Traditional Chinese Medicine Body Clock, which is built on the concept of Qi (energy). Each organ gets a 2 hour window which it’s the star of the show (aka, it’s at its peak function). This is how the Qi (energy) moves through your body.  

Do you find yourself waking up at roughly the same time every night or have a dip in energy at the same time every day? Take a look at the clock & take note. Your body is providing data (you may call them signs & symptoms) for you to plot, plan & help you figure out which organ system or emotion needs some TLC.

For example, if there is a pattern of being insanely tired btw. the hours of 5-7pm or feel fear/anxiety, there is a high likelihood there is something going on w. your kidney meridian/adrenal glands. I speak from experience &I’ve done many a post on the adrenals. 

Wake up consistently between the hours of 1-3am? This shows imbalance of the liver, which corresponds w. Anger. Keeping your liver happy, will result in a more harmonious, balanced you. Dandelion tea, dark leafy greens & asparagus are foods to make the liver sing!

Waking btw. 3-5 indicates an imbalance in the lungs, which corresponds w. grief. When the lungs have a disrupted flow of Qi, this can show up as sadness or holding onto something so tightly, like your breath – take a deep one now.  Unclench your jaw while you’re at it.  Isn’t it nice to have that little bit of intel?

Here are a few more examples of foods to eat or activities to do/avoid:

Bladder time is 3-5pm, when most people feel a big dip in energy. Drink tea (not coffee as this wreaks some havoc on the adrenals), have a snack w. good quality salt. 

Large Intestine time is 5-7am, when most of us wake up. This relates to elimination. Usually the first activity of the day revolves around just that (🚽). This is why it’s also beneficial to start each day w. warm water. Add lemon for added benefit.

Fascinating right?  Will you start paying more attention to the time?

Image Courtesy of Healthline

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