aw-TAH-fuh-jee– The phonetic spelling.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard this word! Bonus points if you know what it means! Well after this post you’ll be able to raise your hand and get bonus points 🎉🎊 Autophagy is a regenerative process that occurs on the cellular level in the body and literally translated means “self eating”, which sounds kinda gross, but it’s actually really cool. Not allowing your body to do it’s autophagy thing can potentially be harmful.

It’s a decluttering and recycling, if you will, of any damaged cells, proteins and mitochondria in order to regenerate new cells. This begins to happen during fasting, sleeping, exercise and eating less carbohydrates. This is a benefit and one reason why Intermittent Fasting, the ketogenic diet and HIIT workouts, are all the rage, and work for most. Not doing any of that will allow the damaged goods to sit and flourish, which will only lead to things like inflammation, sickness and overall feeling like 💩. I would speak with a naturopathic or functional medicine doctor first as every body is different and he/she will have some solid guidance for you.

Anti-aging is the name of the game. Some report that this helps protect against certain cancers, dementia and chronic inflammation. And it also helps to turn back time (anyone else have now Cher stuck in their head?) to create younger, happier, glowier cells. Look and feel younger? Yes please!

Things to do for autophagy:
Reduce carbohydrates
Intermittent Fasting
Drink plenty of water
Ginger tea while fasting allegedly helps boost autophagy

Now you can raise your hand because you’ve both heard the word autophagy and know what it means! And no, the photo has nothing to do with the caption. It’s a good one and I wanted to showcase the talent of @juliemagnussen.

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