Knife Skills are Life Skills – 3 Knives You Need

IMG_4922Have you seen my recent knife skills Reels or stories that I’ve been posting?

Knife skills are life skills! A key takeaway from culinary school. This is a subject I’m very passionate about. They’ve saved me time, money and helped me create instaworthy dishes. It’s something I believe EVERYONE should know, especially as we’re cooking at home more than ever.

When I worked a 9-5, I’d make lunch before work in ~20 minutes & at least 1 person would ask where I got it. Quick prep, brag worthy lunch.#winning 

I’m putting together some ZOOM knife skills classes to help you get more comfortable in the kitchen. Date TBD. Soon I’ll be going live on IG and will also be adding some tutorials to my YouTube channel. But until then, let’s get you set up for success!

Skills do help pay the bills, but what knives to use are also important.

A good, sharp knife is the heart of the kitchen. There are plenty of good, inexpensive knives to get you started on your journey to great knife skills. Companies like @Misenkitchen and @Made In are reasonably priced, have essential sets and good reviews.

Here are the 3 knives you need:

  • Chef’s Knife/Santoku-The multipurpose unicorn of the kitchen. You’ll use this for just about everything. Usually a 7” or 8” blade and can be made from a variety of materials like stainless steel, carbon steel, a mix of both or ceramic. The main difference between the chef’s knife & santoku is the shape of the blade. I have both & prefer the santoku, it’s personal preference. Happy to explain why if you’re curious, just hit reply!
  • Serrated Knife-These knives have tooth like edges that make it easier to slice into foods like bread. It’s also used to slice tomatoes, unless your chef’s knife has a seriously sharp blade to slice through the skin. Otherwise it’s squish city. Not a good look.
  • Paring Knife-A utility knife in it’s own right, it’s a mini chef’s knife, though I rarely use one, except maybe to cut the foil on a bottle of wine or to slice a lemon in half. You can use it to de-vein shrimp or peel fruits and vegetables if you’re so inclined.  


Ask me questions!  I love this subject and never tire of talking about it.  

Happy cutting!

From the top:

  • Santoku (my favorite knife of all time)
  • Chef’s Knife
  • Serrated
  • Paring


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