Maca Coconut Whipped Cream

Raise your hand if you’ve taken a hit of whipped cream straight from the can? I love whipped cream in all it’s airy delight.  Straight from the can, in coffee, on fruit salad, it’s a versatile treat.  I don’t do a ton of dairy or sugar, so what’s a girl to do?   She makes her own with a dream and 2 ingredients.

My coconut whipped cream recipe was given a major upgrade with the addition of maca powder and subtraction of vanilla and sugar.  

Maca is part of the cruciferous family, which means it’s related to broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and kale.  Those with any sort of thyroid sensitivity or hypothyroid related issues should consume those from the cruciferous family somewhat sparingly as it may interfere with your thyroid to produce iodine.  As I’m not an MD or ND, I will let you discuss this with yours.  I consume all sparingly given my thyroid and endocrine system was somewhat compromised do to immense amounts of stress.  It’s a lot more balanced now, but I am still careful.  I digress….

The edible part of the maca plant is the root and has an earthy, nutty, malt like flavor.  It makes appearances in smoothies and oatmeal or it can be consumed in supplement form.

Maca is high in minerals like copper, iron and potassium, vitamins like C and fiber.  It’s a mood, fertility and energy booster.

This was wonderful over fruit salad or a bit in my coffee.  My point is, it’s versatile.

Have you ever tried coconut whipped cream?


1 can organic coconut milk, chilled at least 6 hours

2 tbsp maca powder

Place bowl and whisk attachment to an immersion blender or hand mixer in the freezer for 15 minutes

Empty coconut cream and maca powder to chilled bowl

Whisk on medium until cream and powder and combine, then flip on high for about a minute to get it nice, light and airy

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