How Do You Respond When Shit Hits the Fan in the Kitchen?

What happens when 💩hits the fan in the kitchen? Have you ever had a recipe meltdown or have you melted down because your culinary vision is going to 💩? Who hasn’t?

Yesterday morning is a prime example. I was with my family, there was to be brunch and the star of the show was to be a beautiful, crustless quiche. The end result was a beautiful, crustless quiche (pictured), just not in the traditional round form. The journey to get there posed some challenges, none of which were insurmountable. I took a deep breath and channeled my inner superhero (a blend of Martha Stewart, Macgyver & Wonder Woman- thank you @jmgilephotography!)

The morning started off a bit hectic. Add to that, the recipe we used was poorly written, the prep required far exceeded the suggested 30 minutes, some eggs made their way onto the floor and the quiche ingredients started leaking all over the place when poured into the springform pan.

The eggs on the floor reminded me of a passage in the book “Blood Bones & Butter” by Gabrielle Hamilton. At 9 mos. pregnant, she was in her restaurant kitchen & spilled eggs all over the floor during a busy brunch service. She swore, cleaned it up and kept going. #boss

The poorly written recipe made me realize there are many that are hard to read & understand (I’ve written some!) A good reminder to read a recipe all the way through before you start to make sure you understand wtf you’re supposed to do.

When the leakage occurred, I asked for a lasagne or cake pan. Tom Collichio and Padma Lakshmi weren’t coming over to check on the shape of the quiche. And if they were, I have a feeling they’d commend my ability to think quickly on my feet. Who the f said quiche had to be round anyway? The rectangular quiche turned out incredibly well & has been polished off. Perhaps we started a new trend!

Struggle occurs in the kitchen & may cause some panic or even prohibit some of you from cooking. And we are all cooking a lot more. Remember, 💩 happens. Have fun with it. Channel your inner superhero or @marieforleo “Everything is figureoutable.” It takes a little practice, confidence, mindset and a willingness to screw up.

What are your biggest struggles in the kitchen?

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