Inflammation and Why It Matters

Do Yoga
Do you know what it does to the body or what causes it?

If we’ve learned nothing else during this pandemic, it’s important to keep our health at a premium. Not just now, but for the long run. Inflammation is something we can minimize by being aware and making a few changes.

Inflammation can be good. Our white blood cells and their bi-products are caped crusaders that provide protection from infection.

However, auto-immune diseases like Celiac and Hashimotos cause the body to attack healthy tissues as if they’re infected and create inflammation.

Your diet and foods you eat can cause inflammation. Eating things like white flour, sugar, dairy, gluten and processed foods aren’t helping the cause.

There are endocrine disruptors, chemicals which interfere w. the endocrine system (your hormones) that cause a big old inflammation party. They’re in many products and given our flagrant use of chemicals these days to disinfect our home, our hands and even our food, we need to take this into account.

Then there’s stress. We live in a stress free world right? I don’t know anyone who isn’t at least a little stressed with the current events.

Have you put on weight despite doing all the right things? Having trouble sleeping? Adult acne? Brain fog? You’re not alone. Chronic stress will lead to breakdown of tissues and immune system, cause hypertension, overproduce cortisol (the stress hormone), will throw your thyroid into a tizzy thus creating a sh*tstorm for your other hormones.

Inflammation symptoms will be all over the map. Essentially, you’ll feel like crap: bloating, acne, major brain fog, severe fatigue, DARK under eye circles that concealer won’t cover, fever, food sensitivity, headaches and muscle stiffness are some indications there is some inflammation. All pretty common ailments or complaints and interesting that they may be connected.

Initial ways to combat inflammation are: changing diet, exercise/yoga, meditation & minimizing stress. I didn’t say it was easy. It’s a balancing act. An elimination diet to understand inflammatory food sources and environmental triggers is crucial. What works and doesn’t is individual.

How can you reduce inflammation?

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