How do You Handle Change?

This is an oldie, but a goodie. And my my how I’ve changed as a human since I took this photo in the fall of 1993. #classof1994

And speaking of change, it’s the only constant in life. Given the current world events, we are navigating through major transition and change (in our finest quarantine chic) and how we respond to that change is important. Are we nimble and adaptable or are we rigid and controlled? Are we committed to an outcome or attached to the way things were/should be? I know in which camp I fall.

While I desperately miss not being able to go on my daily pilgrimage to Whole Foods or attending my hot yoga classes, I know this situation is time limited. I’m grateful for my health and that those are the only things I miss. I’m fortunate. I’ll get to resume my daily activities in some capacity, though the world will have drastically and forever be changed. There will be a new normal. There’s no way there can’t be. I know that staying home in my buffet pants is for the greater good.

I don’t go to the grocery store, I’m ordering grocery delivery. My exercise is now long walks around the neighborhood (I tried running, but I still really only want to do that when chased) and online yoga classes (non heated, I can’t yet convince my mom to crank the heat to 105F). I’m committed to cooking nutrient dense foods, staying healthy and movement. I’m not attached to the way things were. That’s a recipe for disappointment and not one I’d like to follow. I’m more into the @inagarten recipe for cosmos!

A huge thank you to the healthcare/hospital workers, EMTs, teachers, delivery people, grocery employees, food/restaurant industry and journalists. And the daily @nygovcuomo briefings.

How are you navigating through/approaching this transition?

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