Life Changing Ginger Dressing

Are you a fan of ginger?  I’ve got a sauce (or dip, or dressing, or whatever the f you wanna call it) for you!

This sauce (or dip or dressing) keeps in the fridge for a few days and it’s insanely good on….well, everything.
Ginger is a  flavorful and pungent root that has been used in a variety of uses including medicinal and culinary for thousands of years. Some of the healing properties include anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea and it potentially helps lower blood pressure.  I’ve been consuming copious amounts lately as I’m a huge fan.
It’s a utility player: salad dressing, dipping sauce, on stir fry, sauteed or roasted veggies, in a grain bowl or as a finishing situation on fish.  This sauce will dazzle and delight your tastebuds and will wow your dinner guests, should you be lucky enough to have people with whom to dine. And it’s ridiculously quick easy to make. 5 minutes and no skill required!
Life changing carrot ginger miso dressing

♥️1″ piece of ginger, peeled
♥️2 small or 1 medium carrot,  cut into pieces (feel free to peel, I never do.  There’s too much nutrient density in the peel)
♥️1 tbsp gluten free miso
♥️1/4 cup tamari
♥️1/4 cup toasted sesame oil
♥️2 tbsp rice wine vinegar
♥️1 tbsp mirin (optional)

Add all ingredients to a blender, combine.

How do you feel about ginger?

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