Strengthen Your Lungs – Recipes and Resources

Dark Leafy Greens

As we face Coronavirus, which is a respiratory illness, I thought I’d repost some information about the lungs.

Did you know that in TCM, the lungs and large intestine form a yin and yang pair? They work together as a team.
Peak Function/Hours:
Lung: 3-5 am – Ever wake up during that time short of breath? This can be an indication of a lung imbalance.
LI: 5-7am – Do you wake up and immediately have to go to the bathroom (that’s good btw)? That’s what’s supposed to happen at this time.

The emotion associated with the yin yang pair is grief. Grief cleanses and eliminates what we no longer need. That’s why letting go feels amazing!

The peak season for the lungs & large intestine is autumn. In autumn, tree leaves change color & are dropped. The trees are literally letting go of what they no longer need. TCM is so cool.

Some lung strengthening foods – Cauliflower, grapes, citrus, lentils, red pepper, dark leafy greens, tomato, pomegranate & citrus.

Dark leafies are amazing for the lungs. They look like lungs & chlorophyll is to plants is what blood is to us and dark leafy greens are chlorophyll dense. Eating leaves supports blood formation, liver function, fiber for the large intestine & our lungs.
Here are a few things you can to do open your lungs: 💚Marie Kondo your life, your house, your closet, or your desk. Remove any clutter, that which you no longer need. This can also include relationships
💚Try to resolve old, hurtful issues that for some reason you still cling to. Let them go, they no longer serve you
💚Take time each day to meditate and breathe, even if it’s for 2 minutes. As you exhale, think of any negativity leaving your body
💚Do yoga poses that open up the lungs – Backbends/Camel and triangle are some of my favorites
💚Lung stretch – Open your arms straight out to the side, palms face up, thumbs to the back of the room. Take 10 deep breaths

How do you take care of your lungs?



Camel Pose

Cauliflower Gnocchi

Dark Leafy Greens Overview 


Tomato – Doctrine of Signature

Wasabi Mashed Cauliflower

Wheel Pose



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