4 Mindset Shifts to Help you Through a Layoff

Layoffs are part of everyday life in the current economic climate. A layoff, or reduction in force, is about business need, not employee performance. This is one of the hardest things to endure and reconcile. Feelings can range from anger to grief and everything in between.

I’ve been laid off. I’ve laid people off. In both cases, while hard, were ultimately good for my career.

When I was laid off, I was freed from a miserable experience. I learned what was intrinsically important and my next role was more aligned.

When I laid people off, I learned hard and soft skills. Most importantly, I learned how to hold space for another human while giving life altering news.

Some mindset tips I’ve used and offered to those who I laid off:

  • Take a Week to Mourn and Move On-Throw yourself a pity party, grieve and move through it. It’s not time to get stuck. A body in motion, stays in motion


  • Scarcity Provides Clarity-When life shifts, it creates a clearing; space to consider and evaluate if what you were doing was aligned with your values, beliefs and desires. A shift in perspective will help you focus on what’s important to you. Ask yourself:
    1. Am I doing something that ignites my passion or sucks my soul?
    2. WHY do I do what I do?
    3. Did I feel stressed and tired or ignited and excited?
  • Get Out Of Your Own Way-The path forward may mean taking a step back or to the side. A job for which I interviewed appeared as a step back and a salary cut. Instead of saying no, I viewed it as an opportunity and was open to what may show up. The job turned out to be amazing. I stretched myself and was part of an amazing organization which boosted my career, my salary and met some of my best friends


  • Transitions Are Important-One of my favorite yoga teachers advises us to focus on transitions in and out of postures. A posture isn’t a destination and how we navigate transitions is important. This resonated with me not just on my mat, but in life. Attaching yourself to what you think is true versus committing to growth will keep you stuck. No one watches just the end of a movie or reads just the end of a book. We need the journey, struggles and triumphs. Letting go of ego and what life “should be” equals freedom

Do you have mindset shifts/tricks you use when going through a rough time?

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