Blue Zones

Blue Zones CanvaDid you know there are communities all over the world that have the largest population of centenarians? Centenarians are those who live to be at least 100 years of age or more. WHAT? Yep, they’re called the Blue Zones and there are 5: Loma Linda, CA; Ikaria, Greece; Sardinia, Italy; Okinawa, Japan; Nacoya, Costa Rica.

Dan Buettner, the author of the Blue Zones and a National Geographic researcher, coined the term after initial findings by two researchers found pockets of male centenarians around globe. They used concentric blue circles on a map to note the areas. Buettner, with the help of two others, took the research a step further and found 5 geographic areas with large centenarian populations that included both male and female. He then dug into figure out the correlation between the populations, geography, diet and lifestyle choices that so positively affected the health and well being of its citizens.

Longevity is the name of the game! While they are relatively isolated communities and do heavily rely on ancestral eating, there are other factors that help to create vitality amongst the residents. It’s not just about food or one type of diet. And as each geography is different, they share 9 specific lifestyle habits, dubbed the Power 9:
💙Moderate, regular physical activity
💙Life purpose
💙Stress reduction
💙Moderate caloric intake
💙Plant-based diet
💙Moderate alcohol intake, especially wine
💙Engagement in spirituality or religion
💙Engagement in family life
💙Engagement in social life

Dish shown – Kabocha Squash Soba Noodle Bowl. Recipe from the
This is so fascinating to me and points to the importance of our overall mindset, stress levels, diet and lifestyle choices.
If you haven’t, I highly suggest reading the book. It’s mind blowing.

What are your thoughts on the Blue Zones and the Power 9?

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