How do you define zen?

Merriam-Webster defines it as “A state of calm attentiveness in which one’s actions are guided by intuition rather than by conscious effort, lost in the rhythm of the tasks at hand.”
I got to practice the art of zen yesterday when I locked my keys in my car. Well, my car locked itself when I stopped for gas after a glorious yoga class. That has literally never happened, nor is it supposed to happen. But it did. With my purse and phone sitting safely on the passenger seat, locked in the car.
Instead of having a full meltdown panic in my sweaty yoga clothes (which isn’t really my style anyway) I stayed calm and problem solved like a boss and had to laugh. Not exactly how I wanted to spend my Friday am., at a gas station on the corner of N. Highland and Fountain, but that’s what happened. T’was definitely an opportunity to practice my yoga off the mat:). Let nothing or no one steal your peace. Also, the people watching was spectacular. There’s some weird 💩 that goes on. I got an entire education in 2 hours.
This is my last post in the alphabet. 6 months ago, an idea was born while talking to my good friend @elitagoesglobal while basking in the Seattle sunshine. Wellness A-to-Z. I’ve focused on one letter/week since June and I’m thrilled I saw it through to the end. I’ve learned a ton and gotten incredible feedback. There were times I wondered wtf I was doing and what would come of it. I’m gonna take a little break, regroup, incorporate some feedback and see what’s next. Thank you for coming along and/or joining me on this journey. It’s not over. It’s just getting started.

How are you finding your zen today?
📸 @juliemagnussen

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