What does this word mean to you? It means something different to everyone. The definition according to the Google is “the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.” I can relate to that.

To expand on that, I also think it means taking care of myself so that I feel and look my best and that I am holistically operating, functioning and living at a high level. That doesn’t mean high energy all the time. Your body is meant to ebb and flow with the seasons, some are more upward and outward energy, while some like autumn and winter are about slowing down, going inward and recharging our batteries. When our phone batteries are down to 20%, we panic and scramble looking for a charger. When our bodies are down to 20%, which they so often are, we push through and try harder.

To me, my wellness is truly taking care of myself by: eating health supportive, nutrient dense foods; Moving my body in some way every day, whether it’s yoga or a walk; meditation on the regular; learning; spending time doing things I enjoy doing and with people whose company I enjoy; paying attention to my body and what it needs, the signs and data it’s providing; and living with purpose.

What does Wellness mean to you?

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