Did you know vinegar is more than just commonly used in the kitchen to add flavor or acidity to a dish? Yeah, it’s a little unicorn and can be used for pickling and preserving, as a non toxic household cleaner, a drink to promote wellness, a beauty staple and used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to move blood/qi and unblock stagnation. It’s low in calories and nutrients, and there are many benefits. It’s used as a digestive aid & even an antibacterial balm to dress wounds.
It’s usually made with a 2 step fermentation process. Fermentation is a cool thing that happens in the absence of oxygen (anaerobic) where bacteria, yeasts, or other microorganisms breakdown compounds of another organism or substance.

Vinegar contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids & polyphenols, which are micronutrients that we get through certain plant-based foods & packed w. antioxidants.

In TCM, vinegar is used to treat many maladies, mainly for the liver & stomach meridians. Vinegar helps fats break down & remove stagnation (aka stuckness) so the liver can function properly hormones can freely move. If the liver is out of balance, it may show up as anger & frustration, so vinegar can be a mood booster.

I have 3 faves: Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV), Rice Wine Vinegar & White Vinegar.

I use raw ACV in a variety of ways: Sometimes I add to my 🍋 H2O in the am for the probiotics, I’ve used it in both face & hair masks (I’ll smell like 🥗 for a bit). It’s a good toner for skin & removes product build up in hair. Lord knows I need that.
“Raw w. the mother” is the murky goodness at the bottom of the jar. It’s strands of proteins, enzymes & friendly bacteria. Before you consume, it’s best to give the bottle a good shake. Heating/pasteurization, kills off good bacteria rendering it not as effective or health supportive.

I add rice wine vinegar to cooked grains. It imparts an amazing flavor & beneficial to keep liver & stomach qi on the move. No stagnation here!

Whie vinegar mixed w. water is a great non toxic household cleaner. You can also mix that solution with a bit of baking soda to scour disgusting pots & pans.

What’s your favorite vinegar?

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