Upside Down

Upside Down

From my first teacher training. It’s one of the only times I went upside down w/out the help of a wall. It’s not pretty, but I did it. Thank you @suzannediano for capturing the moment and unwavering support.

Some poses require a firm stance on one foot which helps w. stability, focus & balance. I’m into that.  It shows up off the mat and in life. There are poses with zero feet on the ground, requiring you to be upside down. That’s scary AF to me, especially headstands as I feel like I’m going to fall and break my neck. I prefer a forearm stand, definitely with the help of a wall (and teacher should they be so inclined). They’ve intrigued me (and my ego). I’d love to flip upside down into some beautiful Instagram worthy pose. That day isn’t today.

I started to think about why it’s daunting. I’m not risk averse. I’ve turned my life upside down metaphorically quite a few times. I’ve moved cross country twice, started and quit jobs without knowing what’s next, went to culinary school (instead of law school) on a whim and started my own business. So why did these scare the crap out of me?

Let’s look through a TCM lens. I experience fear when upside down.The kidney meridian starts on the bottom of the foot. It’s the ONLY meridian on the bottom of the foot, meaning it connects you to the ground. It’s also connected to the root chakra. They have a reserve of energy/qi and run to the aid of any organ running low Ie-kidneys are the foundation and balance.
Did I mention fear is the emotion associated with the kidney? Let’s break it down. I’m no longer rooted/connected to the ground, the direction of energy (and blood) has changed since I’m upside down. As a result, I feel fear. AHA! This doesn’t mean I shy away from doing this, but I have awareness. Challenge accepted!

Yoga is self discovery. It’s meant to be playful and you definitely learn to have a sense of humor. When practising certain styles, like flow and inversions, I’m not as confident as in hatha styles. So, I laugh (internally) at myself while in class because ugly cry in a room full of people doesn’t seem like the move. One of these days I’ll get it without the help of the wall. It’s mindset. I’m not committed to fear. I’m committed to growth.

Join me at the Reset and Flow Healing Retreat in Hilo, Hawaii in February, 2020.


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