Ustrasana – Camel Pose

Ustrasana-Camel Pose

Have you ever said “I’ve bent over backwards” meaning you went above & beyond? What if I told you that your spine isn’t only meant to go backwards, but it’s actually good for your spine & your overall wellbeing?
Yep, it’s good to backbend. We just don’t do it that often. If we drop something, we don’t back bend to pick it up. We lean forward & we do this often, which puts a lot of strain on the lower back. Backbends will help strengthen.

The spine moves in 6 directions: forward, backward, right & left sides laterally & twist to both sides. Each movement targets a different area of the spine. It’s been said that for optimum health, move all 6 ways every day.

I ♥️a good backbend. It can & will feel overwhelming. When I started practicing yoga, a teacher said camel is “an emotional & vulnerable posture. The ❤️ is the highest point on the body. You’re opening the throat & stimulating the nervous system.” 😳

From a TCM perspective, camel opens the Stomach, Pericardium, Lungs & Large Intestine meridians. This means emotionally, worry, joy & grief are showing up big time. Sometimes this pose is pure joy or brings tears. Sometimes both.

Other benefits: improved flexibility of the spine & hips; relieves backache & fatigue, which we need since many of us sit at a desk or 🚗.

Essentially, this pose will crack you open physically & emotionally. Feeling stuck, anxious & full of worry? Tongue tied? Do this pose & buckle up. The feeling I have after camel while lying in savasana is “What is the street value on this?🤘🏼” There is a big swirl of emotions & sensations. You may feel the urge to move or fidget. Try not to. It’s 🔥. I promise.

Stomach (worry/blue)-Starts under the eyes, down the front body, ends @ the top of the middle toe

Pericardium (joy/red)-Starts in the chest, goes down the middle underside of the arm, through the palm, ends @ the tip of the middle finger

Lungs (grief/green)-Starts in the chest, goes down the outer edge of the underside of the arm, ends @ the tip of the thumb

Large Intestine (grief/yellow)-Starts at the tip of the index finger & travels up the outer part of the arm, ends @ the nose

Have you tried camel?


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