Yeah, we’re gonna talk about it because it’s important. It isn’t the most fun topic but you’ll learn something or at least giggle.
Urine indicates what’s happening in the body, yet we don’t quite know what to do with the information. I’m gonna enlighten you a little bit. 2200 characters isn’t enough to discuss in depth.

In TCM, the color, frequency, amount & smell indicates different types of yin or yang imbalance. I’d consider urine to be one of the body’s vital signs next to temperature, weight, blood pressure & pulse. Just like vital signs, urine will show you what’s happening & depends on drinking habits, diet & lifestyle.

For example, who thinks that clear pee indicates you’re hydrated? Or that going frequently is good? Not the case. Your pee should be the color of green tea & you should tinkle 4-10 times/day. Anything more indicates your kidneys are working overtime to process all the fluid, thus you’re not actually hydrating, you’re depleting. In TCM, overworking the kidneys & too clear indicates a yin deficiency & leads to depletion in nourishment & moisture of the body.
Also, too much water will cause electrolyte depletion. Electrolytes do things like trigger & conduct the electrical impulses of the heart. The root of the word is “electro”. Too much or too little will affect your heartbeat. Stay hydrated by drinking enough water & electrolytes. Color and quantity will change based on the amount you sweat. There are supplements & food sources that contain these lovely little minerals.

Scant & dark yellow indicates excess heat (read INFLAMMATION). As we’ve learned, chronic inflammation is the result of chronic stress, which can lead to all sorts of fun things like hair loss, weight gain, missed or heavy periods, fatigue, muscle aches & diarrhea (not sexy).
Some vitamins make your pee the color fluorescent yellow. Not to be alarmed.
Beets and blackberries may make your pee turn pink. That’s always a festive encounter!

Asparagus may make your pee smell because of a compound like sulphur. You’re either genetically predisposed to this or not. I’m not. You’re welcome.

Who learned something? 🙋🏻‍♀️

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