Have you tried it?

To know me is to know that I will tell you about and/or just straight up recommend having umeboshi paste on the regular.

This little alkalizing wonder is a paste made from plums, that are more like apricots, and hails from Japan. They are fermented (read: a probiotic, good for your gut), will help guide you away from illness and even help cure hangovers due to their fermentation and high alkalinity. So stock up for your holiday parties.

Yes, that was the gateway for me into this sour world of wonderment. Now, I just eat a tablespoon every few days, if I’m feeling a little bit off or if I’m starting to feel a little malady creepin’ in. It’s been a little over 9 years since we met, and I haven’t had a cold, flu or debilitating hangover since.

It’s a must have in your medicine cabinet (ie – refrigerator and kitchen), especially during the winter.

Not only can you just eat a tbsp to keep the sickness away, but you can also use it as a layer of acidic and pungent flavor in your food. I’ve been adding it to mashed avocado and it’s life changing.

I do recommend having a glass of water handy if you eat this straight as this takes sour to the next level and makes all things pucker… You can find the paste or the full plums in Whole Foods (my home away from home), any health food store or Amazon if you want it delivered right to your door.

Have you tried umeboshi paste?

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