Do you love it or hate it? I say if you hate it, you may never have had it prepared properly or in a way that honks your horn.

The spongey like staple that many people eschew is the result of coagulating soy milk and using the leftover curds, to form “bean curd”. Tofu is a source of protein on which many a vegetarian rely. In addition, it also contains large amounts of iron and depending on how it’s processed, can contain calcium and magnesium.

The trick when prepping tofu is to press it to remove the moisture from the packaging. This can be done by placing the block of tofu between two plates for about 30 minutes. This will create more space for it to absorb that in which it’s being marinated or cooked.

Tofu comes in different textures and is versatile in use. Because of it’s neutral flavor, it can be used sweet or savory. Silken tofu can be used as a base for chocolate mousse or onion dip. It’s a bit of a chameleon.
Shown – Crispy Tofu over Sesame Noodles – by @andybaraghani for @bonappetit . I changed it ever so slightly by using maple syrup in place of honey and tamari to make it GF.

It’s f*^%ing amazing, and will be on heavy repeat.

Ready to give tofu a try?

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