I don’t eat sugar often, but when I do, I eat vegan pumpkin spice cupcakes with pillows of spiced cream cheese frosting, toasted pecans and a sprinkle of edible glitter. What can I say, I like sparkly things. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I could wax philosophic about the multitude of reasons sugar is bad for you. But I won’t. Just know it is, and consuming too much can cause acne, cavities, some serious inflammation, potentially type 2 diabetes and cancer. And per my previous post, excessive sugar/sweets cravings can indicate an imbalance in your stomach/spleen qi.

I made these little bite size beauties a few weeks ago for a party. There were a few leftover, and according to @singletb, if you pop them in the microwave for 8 seconds, they’re divine.

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