Who doesn’t want radiant, glowing, younger looking skin? I sure do. We all listen to the promises sold to us by lotions, potions and creams staring at us from screens and store shelves. However, your skin, and the treatment of it, is not just a topical issue. The health of your skin, our largest organ, is largely based on what you do and don’t consume.
Blemishes, rashes, spots and eczema are signs that something internally may be amiss. This can range from from a vitamin/mineral deficiency, hormone imbalance, thyroid issues, inflammation and several other factors. The skin is providing data for us to use to course correct our health and wellbeing.

For example, I had little red and white bumps on the tops of my arms for years. I went to several dermatologists, all of whom gave me a topical remedy to use, with explicit instructions to wash my hands immediately following application, which made no sense. So I never fully committed and kept seeking answers to what I thought was probably a simple solution. Imagine my surprise when my 2nd week in culinary school a chef/instructor asked if we’d seen people with red and white bumps on their arms. Obviously, my ears perked up, and I was even more attentive to the discussion. She said that those annoying red and white bumps were the sign of a vitamin A deficiency. Um, wtf? I’d been frustrated for years, went to several doctors who prescribed topical medication that needed to be immediately washed off my hands and all I needed to do was up my vitamin A intake. So, I ate more carrots, sweet potatoes and orange bell peppers and they completely vanished in a few weeks.

Breakouts on your face, depending on location, will also indicate imbalances in the body. Breakouts around the chin usually indicate a hormonal imbalance (hi period pimples!), breakouts on the forehead usually signal digestive issues, stress or liver imbalance and breakouts on the cheeks are a sign of heart and lung distress.

Your skin is the largest organ that provides a myriad of clues to your health. I love me some good products and a face mask too, but not as important as what we eat.

How do you treat your skin?

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