Sunday Scaries

Looking back on your weekend longingly? Are anxiety, worry, grief & fear jumping into your Sunday Funday when you think about work on Monday? I remember it well.

Below are a few acupressure points, stretches & 🧘🏻‍♀️ poses to help.

Anxiety & fear is associate w. the bladder & kidneys. Open up the bottoms of the feet, your foundation & the opening to the Kidney channel. Zip your legs, toes & heels together, tuck all 10 toes, sit back on your heels. Make sure to push your heels together as they have a tendency to create a basket for your 🍑. Check my stories for some guidance.

Child’s/Rock pose – rounding the back opens up the bladder channel & spine. If your forehead doesn’t meet the ground, place a pillow or two as props to bring the floor to you. PRO TIP:massage the outside edges of the feet. Bladder channel starts upper inner corners of the eyes, goes up your forehead, around your head, down the sides of your spine & ends at the pinky nail. Take 5 6-count inhales/exhales.

My favorite Pericardium 8-in the center of the palm. Use your thumb or forefinger to press in and take 5 6-count inhales/exhales.

Liver is associated with anger. Liver 3 is The point on top of your foot, in between the big and second toe. Use your forefinger to press in and take 5 6-count inhales/exhales.

Lungs! Don’t forget to breathe. The lung channel starts where your chest/shoulder/arm intersect. Extend your arms out wide to the side, like a letter “t”, palms face up, thumbs to the back. Take 5 6-count inhales/exhales.

How do you deal with the Sunday Scaries?

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