Raw Food

Are you eating salads, acai bowls and drinking smoothies and iced coffee in the winter months? Do you feel cold, bloated or gross afterwards? Raw food may be to blame. I know, I’m a dream crusher and I’m fine with that.

Raw food can be hard for your body to digest, even in the best circumstances and weather. In the summer months, we tend to eat salads and smoothies. The weather is warm. It’s more acceptable and easier for your body during this time, though I advocate one raw meal per day as to not overtax the system. In the winter we tend to want things that are slow cooked, roasted, soups and stews. There’s a reason for this!

Our body temperature is 98.6 degrees F. That’s hot (said in my best Paris Hilton voice). When we eat, the digestive fun happens in the spleen, which is connected to the stomach. When we eat raw or cold food, our body needs to heat it up, which requires energy. The spleen needs to get that energy from somewhere, so it pulls from skin, our largest organ. This explains why you feel cold and may not retain heat and why salads and smoothies are craved more during the summer.

Picture the spleen as a hot, fun work environment full of little elves who are wearing shorts and tank tops. They are doing a lot of work to get the food we eat proceeded so your body can use it in a variety of ways. The elves prefer the 98.6F temp and food that is easily digestible and broken down. When raw food or smoothies come in, it cools down the hot environment drastically. And we expect the same work output, aka digestive fire power, as when it’s hot. This can’t work without more energy, so to the skin we go!

So even though a smoothie pulverizes food, it still doesn’t make it as easy to digest in the same way cooking it would. The heat from cooking helps to change the molecular structure of the food, break it down and it softens differently. A smoothie is easier to digest than a kale salad, but it’s still raw and cold.

Therefore, it’s best to eat cooked foods l in the winter months to avoid feeling like 💩.

I eat sautéed veggies, oatmeal or cooked grains with nut butter for breakfast.

Ready to give up your winter smoothies?

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