Seaweed/Sea Vegetables

Seaweed/Sea Vegetables

Pictured from top to bottom: Wakame, Arame, Kombu.

There are quite a few types of seaweed and they’re prepared and used in a variety of ways. A lot of us know seaweed as the wrapper on sushi, seaweed snacks (that is Nori) or seaweed salad that’s bathed in sesame oil and is some weird fluorescent green.

What many don’t know are the nutritional benefits of sea vegetables. They are high in calcium (like kicks milk’s ass high in calcium), iron (way more than spinach) and iodine (great for thyroid health). They cleanse the blood and help eliminate toxins and heavy metals from the body. Rad!

In addition to that, these little nutrient dense detoxifiers are anti-aging (yasss hello getting carded and great skin!), aid in weight loss (okay!) and help lower cholesterol. Let’s just say superfood, shall we?

It is cooling , so while it is high in sea salt , minerals and is really good for you, it is best to not go overboard and limit the intake to two to three times/week.

Add to stir fry, smoothies or make a seaweed salad! Use kombu when you cook beans.

You can buy on Amazon, Whole Foods or any health food store.

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