Kitchen Tools – The Foundation

You don’t need a lot of stuff or to spend a lot of money to outfit your kitchen. A lot of these items you can find at Target, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Ross, Marshalls and of course Amazon. Also, many other retailers have sales.

My suggestions for a good set up to start:

🔪A knife (I have a few, my favorite is a 7″ hollow blade @shuncutlery. Personal preference on this one as they are made of many materials and weights. You can get a good one for $50)
🔪pot and pan – I like stainless steel with copper or aluminum core as they are versatile and react quickly to any changes in heat. This means it will heat up and cook down quickly. Non-stick and aluminum are not good as they both have chemicals that leach into the food. I have @allclad
🔪Measuring cups and spoons – Both dry and liquid
🔪Baking sheet
🔪Parchment paper – this will save you from greasing a baking sheet (which saves calories and makes clean up infinitely quicker).
🔪Wooden Spoon
🔪Silicone Spatula – Heat resistant
🔪Silicone Turning Spatula
🔪Mixing Bowls
🔪Cutting board (not pictured)

🔪A blender (Vitamix is my preferred brand)


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