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World Mental Health Day

Do you know if stress is affecting your mental health?  Let’s just go with yes, it is. Do you know how it’s showing up and trying to get your attention?  Read on!

Feel like you can’t just snap out of it? Trying to lose weight and can’t? Trouble sleeping? Adult acne? Brain fog leading to poor performance in life? Severely fatigued? Weepy for no reason? Dark circles under your eyes that will not go away no matter how much sleep you get? You’re not alone. Chronic stress will lead to breakdown of tissues and immune system, cause hypertension and overproduce cortisol, the stress hormone.  All of this wreaks havoc on your mental health. 

So many of us run around all day, have back to back meetings, eat while we’re in a meeting, don’t eat anything nourishing, hold our breath and don’t take care of ourselves. Think about this, we start to panich when our phone battery gets down to a dangerously low level, so we frantically search for a charger.  Yet, when our physical and mental battery drains quickly, we don’t look for ways to recharge ourselves. We let things get to a dangerously low level until we are forced to do something about it. And the detrimental effects manifest in so many ways. 

I’ve compiled some information on things you can do for your mental wellbeing below:

Do you you know if stress is affecting your health and can acknowledge telltale signs of stress/distress?




How to Find an Acupuncturist



Mood and your Microbiome (aka the brain/gut connection)

Office Tip – How to HaveMeditative/Stress Busting Lunch at Your Desk

Office Tip – Pericardium 8 – the Stress Buster Acupressure Point

Plank Pose – Mood Elevator


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