Coffee and Cashew Cream

Coffee and Cashew Cream

Oh that first cup of coffee in the morning! It’s magical! It’s delightful! It’s one of the first things I think about upon waking! I love the smell, I love the taste, especially with a splash of nondairy creamer in all it’s splendor. I’m naturally caffeinated so I really, truly only need one cup.

As I think about reducing my consumption of plastic for a number of reasons, like environmental and the hormone disrupters that leach into the food, I decided that I should utilize knowledge that I acquired in culinary school and regularly make my own coffee creamer instead of going the route of store bought. You too can make your own! And it’s easy, cost effective, and you’ll have a better grasp of what’s going into your bod.

While there are many great brands of nondairy creamers and milks, the a lot of the packaging is plastic, which can contribute to more waste and hormone disrupters leeching into the consumable product housed within.


1 cup organic, raw cashews soaked
1-1 ½ cups water (rule of thumb that I use is to just cover the cashews)

Blend and strain through a nut milk bag, cheeecloth or a strainer. I used @elliesbest The Bigger Better Nut Milk Bag and I got supreme results!

Ellie’s Best Nut Milk Bag

Use code Shana10 for 10% off


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