Do you walk around feeling angry, irritable? Are you so tightly wound you’re wired for sound? Are you craving sour foods like it’s your job? These are clues that your body is trying to tell you something, like perhaps you have stagnation in your liver/gallbladder. Stay with me here.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, each yin/yang meridian pair are associated with an emotion and anger is the emotion associated with the liver/gallbladder pair.

The liver is the largest internal organ, by both weight and size. It sits on the right side of the body underneath the rib cage. It’s the main detoxification organ and the liver is responsible for smooth flow of blood and Qi (lifeforce). I refer to this bad ass as the “Chief of Staff”. Everything you eat, feel, smell, or absorb through the skin, has to go through the liver. This is why it’s important to stop eating right before bed, overeating and checking the ingredients of anything that will be put on the skin like soaps, lotions and makeup. These things will create stagnation in the liver and prevent it from doing it’s job it so desperately wants to do and may have you irritated and/or waking on the regular between 1-3a, which is the time when it’s at peak function (another clue you have stagnation!) #runonsentence

When you think about foods that are good for the liver, think light, fresh, green and sour. I drink warm lemon water every morning. Dandelion root tea is one of my jams, I drink it on the regular. Umeboshi is on heavy rotation and I don’t go a day without eating green veggies. Carrot tops are nutrient dense little liver cleansers. Grapefruit and celery juices are the bomb. My skin care is non toxic and I’m slowly weaning off anything that sits in plastic. No one likes a stagnant liver. However, I do love me some wine:) Does this sound like you? Think I’m full of shit? Questions? Leave a comment below!

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