Ethiopian Food

Ethiopian Food

Have you ever tried it? Let’s just say, it’s absolutely one of my favorites. It fills me with such joy because there is so much to eat, which is a favorite past time. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or carnivore, there’s plenty to eat and plenty to share.
It’s fun, communal and you eat with your hands. Served family style on a soft, sour, spongey bread called injera. Injera is traditionally made with teff flour. Teffis the world’s smallest grain AND it’s gluten free! WHEW! However, if you go out, ask the restaurant if it’s made with pure teff, or they have the ability to make it with pure teff. Many restaurants do a blend with wheat flour as teff is expensive.

The flavors tend to favor the bold and shy away from the delicate. I’ve never tried making this at home, given the appearance of simplicity and what I imagine to be a complex layering of flavors, it feels a little intimidating. Which is exactly why I should try. Therefore I will:) What is one of your favorite foods or types of cuisine?

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