Ears – Mushrooms

Have you ever noticed that a sliced mushroom resembles a human ear. WHAT? I know, so insane. The doctrine of signatures asserts that mushrooms aid in the improvement in hearing. The cool factor doesn’t end there.

In Chinese Medicine, the ear is related to the kidney (yin) and bladder (yang) channels. Mushrooms are one of the few foods that contain vitamin D, which is good for the kidneys. I mean…go on! They also are said to help reduce damnpness in the body. Dampness is a condition in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and my friend @acuevolution says the cliffnotes version is that it’s like a fog trapped in the body. The texture of a mushroom is like a sponge and they soak up what they’re marinated in, so why wouldn’t they do that in your body? I could geek out on this shit all day.

Not all mushrooms are created equally, so they all have different nutrient density and used in slightly different ways.
Oh and lest i forget, some varieties can also make great bacon. Check out the recipe.

Drop a 🍄 in the comments below if you’re down to try some shiitake bacon.

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