Dark Leafy Greens – An Overview

Dark Leafy Greens

There is quite a debate as to which is the most nutrient dense and which one is the darling of the health moment. Spinach, arugula, kale, collards, Swiss chard, cabbage, romaine, bok choy. There are numerous choices. Bottom line, they’re all good for you, with the exception of those on blood thinners as they are really high in vitamin K and those two do not play nicely together at all. Also, should you have some kidney stuff, the dark leafies also contain oxalate, a compound found in some foods, they promote the growth of kidney stones. Just beware:) They’re all packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals. They are high in fiber, low in fat and actually have a good amount of protein.
They’re pretty versatile. Throw a handful into a smoothie in warmer months, make a dip (hey spinach artichoke dip, how you doin’? 😏), collards make a nice low carb/high fiber wrap, they can be sauteed, or they used as the bed of a salad.
Many of them appear on the dirty dozen list, so may be best to buy organic!

What’s your favorite way to eat your dark leafy greens?

Gomae – Dark Leafy Greens

How to Love Your Liver

Lung/Large Intestine


Sweet Potato Salad with Kale

Wasabi Tuna Salad over Arugula


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