In my humble opinion, the delicious avocado is a sex symbol of the food world. This fatty fruit is extremely versatile and appeals to many. You’ll see it in a myriad of ways: draped sexily across toast, blended into a smoothie or even chocolate mousse, and a classic guacamole. The list goes on. It basically just makes everything better.

There are several different types of avocado, and I haven’t yet tried one I wasn’t fond of.

The doctrine of signature asserts that the avocado is stellar for the the health of the womb and that when a women eats 1 avocado a week, it helps to balance hormones, shed excess birth weight, and prevent cervical cancer. This little fatty is high in folate, which is is one of the B-vitamins that is extremely important during pregnancy. You see the thread here. I can neither confirm nor deny any of this, but I do eat, and will continue to eat, an inordinate amount of avocado.

As they have a tough outer skin, it’s not totally necessary to buy organic. Just make sure to wash before you cut as the knife will drag any residue from the skin into the flesh of the fruit.

Leave a 🥑 in the comments below if your an avocado fiend!

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