Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato

According to @foodimentary,  February 22 is  “National Cook a Sweet Potato Day“.  And before we cook,  let’s examine it according to The Doctrine of Signature.

The sweet potato resembles the shape of our pancreas. While not often discussed, it holds an important function in our overall health. The pancreas is an organ located in the upper left abdomen behind the stomach. It also surrounds itself with the likes of the small intestine, liver and spleen. Given it hangs out with those organs, the function of the pancreas is to help digestion and regulate blood sugar.

Sweet potatoes are helpful in balancing blood sugar because they have high levels of fat soluble beta carotene (which is same vitamin in carrots responsible for the orange color) and helpful in digestion as they are high in fiber. There are sweet potatoes that come in other colors. They are still amazingly nutritious, just have a different nutrient makeup.

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