Dates, not the prettiest fruit, but really good for you and your insides. There are many varieties of dates. Those that are most prevalent are deglet and medjool. I also regularly consume jujubes, which are an Asian variety and help build the blood.

Dates have a number of uses. They are regarded a good natural sweetener (sugar alternative) given they’re high in fructose. And unlike other sugars, they are nutrient dense. Dates are high in fiber, contain a little protein and have a good amount of other vitamins and minerals like copper, calcium, magnesium and potassium and some antioxidants to help clear up free radical damage. Due to the high fiber content, dates won’t spike the blood sugar as much as other sugars. They also act as a great binder in raw recipes like pie crusts and granola bars.

One of my favorite snacks when the munchies hit are dates dipped in tahini, cacao powder and sunflower seeds. The idea came to me one night while laying on the couch, munchies hit and I wanted something sweet.
I remember that friend brought some truffles to culinary school that were a mix of these ingredients. I was motivated to eat, but II was in no mood to drag out the food processor, so I essentially made “deconstructed truffles.” It sounds so fancy right? There is literally zero skill required. And you will be happy, satiated and munchies will be held at bay.

All you need are pitted dates (I used deglets and you can DIY the pits), a nut butter (I love tahini in this sitch), cacao powder (you can use cocoa, but this will lack the overall nutrient density), and sunflower seeds (which are high in selenium and good fats). What’s your favorite sweet snack?

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