Prana and Qi

Prana and Qi


Got Qi? Got Prana? I’ve seen both of these as bumper stickers and the answer is a resounding yes!


Similar in scope, they are a vital energy force that every person (and animal) has. It means air, and energy flow and they’re in a constant state of flux.


You’ll hear the word Prana most often in yoga/asana practices and Qi is of central importance in Traditional Chinese Medicine.


When they are out of balance, emotions like anger, anxiety and feeling stuck can arise. Sounds awesome right? Nope!

Both can be regulated by acupuncture, breathing/breathwork, yoga/movement and diet.


Neither Prana or Qi are created or destroyed, they change based on surroundings, emotions and what you’ve been eating. So let it flow!


So got prana? Got Qi?

Come join me and @christianheals in Hilo, HI in Feb 2020 to restore your Qi! Info on the retreat page!

📸 @juliemagnussen .

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