Pericardium (PC) 8 – a stress buster for the ages!

Feeling a little stressed in a meeting, while your sitting in traffic or just life in general? It’s interesting what feelings arise and what the body is trying to tell us.

You can help yourself, give yourself the care you’re seeking, restore qi/flow and “hit the panic button”, rather you can use your thumb or forefinger to press into the center of your palm, and take deep inhales and exhales (I generally use a slow count of 6 for both). This will help stimulate PC 8, a pretty major acupuncture point and calm you the F down down.

The pericardium is the fluid sack that surrounds the heart and acts as a body guard. The meridian runs from the upper body down the middle underside of the arm and ends at the tip of your middle finger. You can do this while sitting at your desk, in a meeting, in traffic or on the couch. No special equipment required:).

Sound easy enough? How to you combat stress while you’re at work?

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