Did you know that your hair comes from sufficient blood in the body, which is primarily governed by the spleen, liver & kidney function? Yeah, I didn’t either until I had two separate hair traumas. When you’re staring down the barrel of a gun (or a lady Leo who’s mane was wrecked), you go deep into internet research to learn how to restore your precious locks to what once was.

TCM providers can get a sense of what’s happening by looking at your hair. Dry, coarse, brittle, luscious, hydrated. All are helpful as they provide clues as to how your Qi is flowing or not.

So here’s a tidbit of what I’ve learned & incorporated into my life to achieve overall healthy hair:

– Adequate sleep & exercise

– Foods to nourish the kidneys (ie: black beans, black sesame seeds, blackberries, seaweed, etc.).

– Less on the cold or fried foods. More on the health supportive cooked foods to nourish the spleen

– Build the blood! Jujube tea is the 💩

– Scalp massages

– Acupuncture

– Silk pillowcases & hair ties. I even travel w. a silk pillowcase.

The two separate hair traumas I mention were one in the form of a cut, the other was in the form of color. They’re still hard to talk about:

The Great Howard Stern haircut debacle of 8/4/2012. The single worst haircut of my life, and I’ve had quite a few. Also, no disrespect to Howard, but I didn’t & still, don’t want to look like him.

The Color Caper of 4/23/2014. My hair somehow ended up a bright magenta hue which wasn’t what I was going for. Because I was pissed, they stripped out the color leaving me a bright red with lackluster curls. They also said would be fine in a hot yoga room. It wasn’t. My first class back after the trauma, I had red hair dye running down my body, which resembled THE scene from “Carrie.” Also, I’m not a redhead.

Have you ever gotten a bad cut or color? Share the hair drama in the comments below! 📸:@soundandfiore

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