If you’re not putting (sauer)kraut on your avocado toast, what are you even eating?

It’s become one of my recent faves. Not only is it so f***ing delicious, but it’s also really good f***ing for you.

Sauerkraut, or kraut for short, is a type of fermented cabbage, made popular in Germany, but is thought to have originated in China thousands of years ago.

Sauerkraut is loaded with nutrients like vitamins C and K, and minerals like iron, copper, and potassium. This little digestive wunderkind is fermented, which means it is loaded with probiotics, the good bacteria that help the gut flourish. When the gut is functioning properly, you’ll absorb more nutrients from your food, which ultimately makes you feel better. Your immune system is functioning better, your stress level is not wired for sound, which ultimately means less inflammation. The gut and brain are so interconnected it’s not even funny.

To top it off, if you pair lovely kraut with avocado, you’re just adding a high quality fat, which is good for the brain. So this is essentially the perfect marriage between gut and brain.

In addition to a wonderful toast topping, I will often throw it into salads as it helps your body digest the raw foods, which are often quite harsh on the spleen.

Beware of what type you buy. Make sure you are getting raw (not pasteurized), no added sugars or preservatives. Refrigerated varieties should hit on all the things.

What’s your favorite way to eat sauerkraut?

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