A good way to get nutrients into your body, especially if you’re not interested in eating them or you’re traveling & aren’t able to consume them whole, which is the preferred method. It’s not a meal replacement. Essentially juicing is mainlining vitamins and minerals.

Juicing a fruit/veggie extracts the juice from the fiber of fresh fruits & vegetables. This leaves behind pulp. You can use it to make crackers or use to amp up other recipes, like muffins, w. additional fiber. This means juice contains a fairly concentrated amount of sugar, albeit natural and will spike the old glycemic index. This can make you feel a little queasy as it’s not buffered by the fiber found in the whole food. Fiber helps to slow down & help the digestive process do it’s thing. If the quesy feeling happens, add a little fat, like coconut milk, which helps slow down the ingestion & assimilate the juice into the system.

There is a lot of conflicting information about whether or not juicing is good or bad. I like to juice on occassion, not every day. It doesn’t always agree with me as it’s cooling. Which means, if you are already spleen deficient (ie having digestive issues) or have some inflammation, juicing may actually make it worse. If all is fine & dandy w. your spleen (digestive fire power), then juicing in warmer months should be no issue.

Juicers – Centrifugal v. Masticating (cold press)

Centrifugal – These grind fruits/vegetables into pulp via a high speed centrifuge, ie it spins really fast & breaks the fruits/veggies down quickly. They’re also easy-ish to clean. However, given the high speed & spinning action, this creates heat/friction and may destroy nutrient density and enzymes.

Masticating is a slower process and mimics chewing. It will extract more & won’t heat up the fruits and veggies while they’re being juiced, therefore creating more nutrient dense & flavorful juices. They’re a pain in the 🍑 to clean.
There are many different brands & price points. It really depends on what you’re looking for.

2 of my favorite juice combos:
Beet Apple Carrot Lemon (pictured)
Fennel Apple Lemon

What’s your favorite juice combo?

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