#TBT– 📸taken on my last day @Twitter, a right of passage for exiting employees: take, tweet & use #lovewhereyouworked. I did until I didn’t. This wasn’t the only job where I’d experienced this. It was the sum of my corporate experience. I didn’t want to admit something wasn’t working or look @ patterns that were coming up as a result of the career path I was on. Bottom line, I was unhappy.

Jobs. We’re thriving or feel stuck, we’re unemployed & looking or looking while we have one. One thing’s certain, jobs can be stressful. In my case, stress manifested physically after many urgent calls for my attn went unanswered. Anxiety, chest pains, muscle aches & DARK under eye circles lead to inflammation which caused fun stuff like celiac, hormone & thyroid imbalance.I continued to push myself on a path that wasn’t working. I felt lost. I’d been pretending everything was ok. It wasn’t.

I’ve worked @ some prestigious & demanding places, many in the “Best Places to Work”. I’ve met & worked w.amazing people. I’ve traveled the 🌎. I’ve lived in cool places. I say I’ve had a front row seat to a Harvard Business School case study @ each & couldn’t have paid for experiences I’ve had, truly a higher education.Through it all, I completed a culinary nutrition program& 2 yoga teacher trainings, all w. a splash of TCM.

Amazing as it was, I chose to leave. It wasn’t for me, though many can & do thrive. I now know & acknowledge telltale signs of stress/distress.

I get to blend my experience in the corporate world w. my passion & knowledge of wellness into my coaching business, Wellness A to Z. I guide people on a Wellness Journey to identify passion, purpose & ultimately find a job in alignment w. who they are. We look @ body, mind & lifestyle choices to create a healthy, balanced life & career.
I’ve been there & get it. I’m dedicated to helping others find what they’re looking for.

Yahoo! 1997-2002
eBay 2002-2004
Google 2004-2009
Sabbatical 2009-2012
*Obtained Health Supportive Culinary Arts cert while learning about life, liberty & pursuit of happiness.
JCPenney 2012-2013
Twitter 2014-2017
Blue Apron 2017
Compass 2017-2018
Launched Wellness A to Z 2018-present

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