Heart Health – A Brief Overview – Traditional Chinese Medicine


In Traditional Chinese Medicine (#TCM), the heart and it’s posse of associated meridians, find their peak season in the summer, and we are at the height of my favorite season.

The heart♥️, ruler of all, is a yin meridian. It is paired with the yang small intestine. So, there is a strong heart and gut connection. Gut feelings much? Keep up those pre and probiotics! The key to the heart is through the stomach? Yep, keep a gut and heart healthy diet!

The other heart related meridians are the pericardium and triple heater. The pericardium is the fluid sack that surrounds the heart. It is the protector of the heart, the ninja, the bodyguard, or Kevin Costner to Whitney Houston (RIP). The triple heater is not an organ, but that which regulates the energy flow through the organs.

The meridian lines for the heart, small intestine, pericardium and triple heater mainly run up and down the arms and into the hands. This is one reason it feels great to hug someone. 🤗

Shown are heart healthy foods, a cool Acupuncture point for the pericardium for stress release and a needle in a heart acupuncture point.

Key Items Associated with the Heart Meridians:
🔥 Fire – Element
😍Joy – Emotion
☀️Summer – Season
Peak Times of Day:
⏰Heart 11a-1p
⏰Small Intestine 1p-3p
⏰Pericardium 7p-9p
⏰ Triple Heater 9p-11p

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