Plank Pose Benefits


Everyone’s favorite yoga pose, am I right? I know, it’s no one’s favorite. It’s more of a love/hate relationship. While I’m in it, I calm myself down from a full blown plank meltdown by thinking of the many benefits of this awesome and challenging pose.

Plank is a body weight exercise, which means you can do it anywhere. On vacation? Traveling for work? I’ve got a plank for that!

It helps strengthen shoulders, wrists and muscles around your spine and core, which help to improve posture. And your 🍑 #highandtight

Given that it helps release tension in muscles that are frequently knotted up as a result of stress AND releases endorphins, it helps improve your mood. Take two planks and call me in the morning!

In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), this pose helps to open up/stimulate the meridians that run through the hands and up and down the arms: pericardium, triple warmer (San Jiao), large intestine, lungs, heart and small intestine. This helps to release grief and feel joy! #mood

Has this changed your mind about doing plank?

📸 @juliemagnussen
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