Raise your hand if you love pineapple 🙋🏻‍♀️♥️

There are many benefits to eating it and it’s versatility makes it easy to do so.

I’ve consumed copious amounts while in Hawaii this past week and I’m not stopping anytime soon. Confession: some of that pineapple consumption has been in the form of pina colada.
This sweet fruit is your ally when it comes to the fight against inflammation and disease. It’s high in vitamin C, which not only helps boost immunity but helps your body absorb iron. Pineapples even have some of that. Damn!

Pineapples contain Bromelain, which helps you digest proteins as it helps them break down the chains into building blocks This is also what causes a sore/raw mouth as it’s eating the tissue inside the mouth. Because of this, it’s also used to tenderize meat. Kinda gross, but also kinda cool. #themoreyouknow
Pineapples are high in manganese, a trace mineral that your body needs for your brain and nervous system. Your liver, kidneys, pancreas and bones do store this critical vitamin, but it’s crucial you also get it from food. That’s a great reason to consume copious amounts of pineapple wouldn’t you say? Pina coladas all around!

Pineapples are sweet, and versatile. Have I mentioned pina coladas have been in steady rotation this week. I also love them in savory dishes, like fried rice. They make a great add to guacamole. Aussies put it on their burgers. I refuse to put it on pizza. Don’t @ me.
To pick out a pineapple that will rock your world, it should smell deliciously sweet. They should feel heavy, the leaves should be green and fresh looking and the flesh should be more golden in color.

If you need me, I’ll be eating pineapple 🍍 .

Speaking of Hawaii, come join me and @christianheals in Hilo, Hawaii in February for an amazing healing retreat at the gorgeous @kulaniapia_falls.  Check out the retreat page for more info/registration in bio!

What are your feelings on pineapple?

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