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Office- Lunch at Your Desk

Who falls into the trap of sitting at our desks while eating lunch? 🙋🏻‍♀️The age old conundrum. Articles advise “try to step away for 30 mins or enjoy lunch outside”. While a fan of that advice, I’m no stranger to a crazy day in the office where lunch at your desk or in a meeting is the norm. Just because you can’t step away, doesn’t mean you can’t do something for yourself to create some calm from the chaos both internally & externally. I’m not saying it’s easy. It takes work. Change is challenging AND rewarding. And no one will know you’re doing it.They’ll just notice a calmer human. #bonus

Picture this: you’re furiously typing away while sitting at your desk do a quick body scan. Begin to ask: How’s your posture? Where in your body are holding tension? Can let it go & soften? I like to retense, then soften. That creates a little more clarity & awareness for me. Tension is the body’s way of trying to get your attention to let you know something is off balance or stuck. Are you clenching your jaw or holding your breath? Have you not moved in so long your lower back is stiff? Restless legs? Are you making noise & don’t even realize you’re doing it? Trust me, you are doing at least one, if not all the things. I’ve seen & heard all. I did HR for years, worked in small restaurant kitchens & teach yoga. I watch & observe movement & behavior, especially my own. Minimize movement, save your energy, overall better performance & output.

Discomfort & holding tension is a sign we’re trying to avoid dealing with something. You’re holding tension, it’s not holding you. Understanding that is key. That means you can choose to let that 💩 go!

TIP: Do a body scan, soften where you can & take 5 deep breaths in & out of the nose. QUIETLY. That will take you no more than a minute, maybe two if you are wired for sound. Then you can go back to emaling until your ♥️ content, and you’ll have a little more awareness about you, your space & how you are showing up to work & life.

I know, it sounds a bit airy fairy, give it a shot. It just might work!

How do you manage stress at work?

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