Lemons and Limes

When life hands you lemons (or limes), squeeze them into room temperature water first thing in the am.
Below are some benefits of drinking this bright and vibrant elixir first thing in the morning. Should you happen to find yourself at my place in the a.m., know that I will hand you a glass of lemon water, before we caffeinate. #hostesswiththemostess

I’ll sometimes add a tbsp. of raw apple cider vinegar (a probiotic) and some Himalayan sea salt (replete with minerals and electrolytes). There really is no reason not to incorporate this into your regime starting immediately to help balance out your system. There are some schools of thought that this may cause too much heat in your body. I find that it helps me feel energized in the morning. If you try it and it doesn’t work for you because you feel off, then stop. If you try it and are too lazy to keep it going, that is all the more reason to keep it going.

All you need are lemons, a knife, and a cutting board. Bonus points for a citrus juicer (they’re about $8, so you’re not gonna break the bank). If you buy organic, you can use the zest in your cooking!  Bonus

🍋Hydration and flushes your lymph, liver and gallbladder
🍋Aids Digestion
🍋Cleanses Your System
🍋Boosts Your Immune System
🍋Balances pH Levels (if you’re too acidic, you can get sick)
🍋Clears Skin
🍋Energizes and Enhances Your Mood (anything to help with mood before work, am I right?)
*I will often take a half of lemon, and rub it on my face. It’s a natural toner and astringent. I live alone, so literally don’t care about little bits of lemon on my face for 10 minutes. I probably wouldn’t care if I did live with someone. Clear and healthy skin rules:) Other fun lemon/lime facts:

Vitamin C helps with iron absorption in the body. It’s great to pair with iron sources (both veg and non veg alike!)
A squeeze of lemon or lime on avocado or apple helps prevent browning.

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