Knife Skills

Do scroll through the ‘gram looking at pictures of beautifully crafted food and wish you were able to make something that looked half as good? What if I told you the foundation for doing so was actually pretty simple?

I often hear people say they don’t know how to cook, they don’t like to cook or they’re a disaster in the kitchen. To that I respond “do yourself a solid and get yourself some knife skills!” I believe that knife skills are truly a form of self care. With them, you’re a queen (or king) in the kitchen, able to slay fruits and veggies all day. A true game changer. The foundation to GSD* in the kitchen. Knowing how to cut and prep will lessen your time in the kitchen and give you confidence to make dope AF nourishing meals to bring to work for lunch and/or a quick and easy dinner. Which in turn means you’re taking care of yourself by knowing exactly what you’re consuming, eating less processed and more nutrient dense food, which means better gut and brain health, which means you’ll look, feel and perform better. AND think of all of the money you’ll save not going out to eat as much or buying precut veggies! That ROI is insane!

Not sure where to get started? Totally curious about what type of knife to get? Leave a comment below and I’m happy to help!

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