Hey girl, how are your iodine levels?

This essential mineral isn’t just for cleaning wounds, it’s critical for your thyroid hormones, healthy metabolism, brain development and function.

It’s found mostly in oceans. Therefore, sea salt and seaweed good dietary sources as well as everyone’s favorite foods like prunes and lima beans beans.
Iodized salt – remove all the minerals to make it pure white and then add back the iodine. Makes zero sense to me, just buy sea salt. But you do you.

Some symptoms of iodine deficiency are hair loss with no regrowth, feeling really tired, heavy and sluggish and some steady weight gain with no explanation. Sound like you? Take yourself to a naturopathic or functional medicine doctor and get some bloodwork done to determine the right course of action. I did. The significant change I’ve felt after implementing thyroid supplements and upping the amount of seaweed in my diet….Game changer.

Easy ways to consume more seaweed: throw some in a smoothie, make a quick seaweed salad (shown) and dress it with toasted sesame oil and tamari/coconut aminos, add to a stir fry and of course, sushi.

I used @edenorganics wakame

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